Rocklawn Contruction Ltd

Quality Assurance

Rocklawn Construction Ltd is committed to providing the highest quality service possible.

This is achieved by understanding our customers' needs and by analysing our systems and techniques; we continue to improve our services to achieve greater customer satisfaction.

The Rocklawn Senior Management Team is responsible for the development of Quality Assurance policies and procedures and allocates appropriate resources for their effective implementation. The principal responsibility for ensuring customer satisfaction and for complying with the company's policies and procedures lies with line management, however, all employees are responsible for compliance to procedures.

Rocklawn Construction are aware that it is essential to provide support at all times to ensure that we comply with our policies. We also endeavour to provide the necessary information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure that all employees are able to carry out their duties to their full potential.

It is essential that Management publish and communicate quality objectives to both staff and customers to ensure that we achieve a mutual outcome. In addition we will set out measurable targets to improve our Quality Management System through consultation and involvement of our staff.

To meet our commitments, we will:

  • Ensure compliance with statutory requirements.
  • Ensure compliance with standards, both legal and regulatory.
  • Familiarise ourselves with our customers' needs, ensure their requirements are met, exceeded or enhanced.
  • Seek opportunities to provide our customers with cost effective solutions.
  • Recognise each employee's responsibility for quality.
  • Use only approved or certified suppliers and except only conforming products and services from suppliers.
  • Encourage a culture where our employees strive to continually improve their performance.
  • At regular intervals we shall review our policies to ensure they are in line with current legislation.

This policy should be made available to all employees and displayed on each site as appropriate.
This policy will be reviewed annually by Rocklawn Construction Ltd.


Michael O' Neill
Managing Director.