Client: Durkan Pudelek

Location: Potters Bar

Scope: Supply & Fix of all brick, block and associated sundries

Contract Value: £182,000


At the time of its construction, Our Lady & St Vincent' Catholic Church was the largest lime mortar project being undertaken in London.  Our Senior Management Team spent a long time selecting the staff that they trusted to undertake this project. Due to the use of rarely used

materials at the time and long forgotten methods of workmanship we were able to bring the Architects vision to life and create what we see today, this outstanding House of Prayer.


Client: Thomas Sinden

Location: St Albans

Scope: Labour, mortar and sundries masonry package

Contract Value: £139,000


The new single storey Welcome Centre was part of a programme to help boost awareness of the historic church’s 1,700-year history. Using handmade clay bricks and hand knapped flint laid in a traditonal lime mortar allowed this new addition to compliment this 1,700 year old place

of Christian worship.