Client: Michael Brady Ltd

Location: Thornton Heath

Scope: Labour, block supply, mortar and sundries

Contract Value: £129,600


A quaint mixed use development of 5 houses and 4 flats that brought life to derelict waste land.  Using a simple pallet of colours resulted in the different envelope finishes complimenting each other.


Client: Thomas Sinden

Location: Beckenham

Scope: Labour, mortar and sundries

Contract Value: £128,000


What was once waste land for flytipping was put to good use to create 5 new homes, these private rental properties were built using traditional brick and block cavity walls to form part of the external envelope as well as blcokwork party walls.

Client: 4 Square Services

Location: Southall

Scope: Labour & sundries

Contract Value: £547,000


A mixed use development of 188 units which incorporated both Private & Social Housing above retail units.  The ground floor retail ares were divided up using blockwork partitions, whilst the external envelope consisted of a brick skin outside a met sec frame.


Client: Thomas Sinden

Location: Northolt

Scope: Labour, mortar & sundries

Contract Value: £67,690


The need for affordable housing was met with this 3 storey traditonal

build within an occupied estate.  These 3 new flats took the place of

run down garages that hadn't been used in a long time.

Client: Thomase Sinden

Location: Bromley

Scope: Labour, mortar and sundries

Contract Value: £64,250


Four new affordable to rent homes that once again turned redundant space into great living paces. The houses were constructed using brick and block cavity work for the external walls as well as blockwork party walls.