BWIC & Structural Alterations

Client: Collins Contractors

Location: Central London

Scope: Structural Alterations & Dividing Walls

Contract Value: £73,270


This contract involved 3 seperate fast track phases to enable the adjoining units to operate as usual.  Our works involved blockwork dividing walls, hollow rib decking slab infills, a new RC staircase and the creation of a newly trimed out & saw cut stair opening through an exising bison plank arrangement.


Client: Collins Contractors

Location: Pimlico

Scope: Demolition & Reconstruction

Contract Value: £16,725


This dangerous structure needed urgent removal due to its threat of

collapse and to the lives of the residents who had been walking beneath it without knowing the risk involved.  The existing structure was secured and accessed with the use of a dual purpose scaffold. This allowed us to carefully dismantle and dispose of the existing portico slab leaving just the original columns behind.  We then set about constructing the RC slab structure so that the stonework and ornate mouldings could be applied at a later stage by a nominated contractor.

Client: Galliard Homes

Location Waltham Forest

Scope: Supply & Fix Structural Works & Labour only Porcelain Balcony


Contract Value: £172,912


Our initial scope of works included concrete binders to bison planks, structural toppings and isolated RC shaft slabs.  Due to the changing requirements of the client we were also asked to become involved in other structural alterations. With our pro active approach we worked with Galliards in producing a non combustible Porcelain Balcony Paving System.


Due to the hard work of our BWIC team, Rocklawn's groundwork division tendered and won the Hard Landscaping works.